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1965 war 3D game

The Indo-Pak war of 1965 had demonic consequences over the economy and livelihood of many. The war rendered millions homeless, butchering ethos and pathos of innocents. The control over Kashmir became the prime agenda of government policies reaching out with the military establishment. The war has turned both India and Pakistan into a place of terror and havoc.

India, Pakistan and Bangladesh-the three nations were 1 once, as a colony to East India Company, Great Britain. Subsequent to years of protests and revolts, the split resulted in the formation of India and Pakistan (East and West) in 1947.

"After 200 years of colonialism, the nation set free from Britain with its division into India and Pakistan (East and West). East Pakistan sought liberation from Pakistan in 1971 and established herself as a separate nation. "

The first war of conflict over Kashmir between India and Pakistan arose in 1947. A United Nations mandate, however, resolved the undeclared war that stretched into the regions of Punjab and Bengal till January 1949.

The Indo-Pak war of 1965 was wide open along the borders of West Pakistan and India. The two countries with their troops crossed the partition lines in the areas of Jammu and Kashmir valley, Gujarat, Punjab (in India) and Sialkot (in Pakistan). Five-month long war witnessed dual-coursed attacks from Army and Air Force of both the nations.

About the Game

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1965-WAR Game is frantic, action-packed single player game which takes you to the 1965 battle fought between India and Pakistan. This 3D game comprises of five campaigns constituting 70 missions. So, be ready to jump into the battle and push you to the limit.

The game will provide real-time war experience. The animated- reincarnation takes you back to the 1965 war time, where you can sense the thrill of fighting for your motherland. Turn yourself into a valorous soldier protecting your front; mount high, pass trenches, survive extremities protecting your communication gear tool.

Ambitiously stride forward leading your battalion for victory. The triumph would only be seized with determination.

"Victory is your survival; survival is your victory".

The game is a combination of two modes: the campaign and the challenge mode; with one comprising of missions and the other helps you aide your team and top leader board.


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The mode unfurls several mysteries spread over different missions.
Unfold mysteries fighting obstacles coming in your way, gradually pacing towards the end of various missions.
Keep your energy level charged, fill in your barrels and set your target. Conquer your target with conventional zeal and epic enthusiasm.


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Take up the challenge, kill more enemies and earn bonus coins.
Whenever you are out of aid and energy, switch to the mode unlocking bonuses and coins to make weapon purchases.
Remember, the healthier, the fitter, the stronger you are, longer will you be able to lead the army. Lest 'Survival of the fittest' is need of the hour.


online 1965 war 3d game


online game 3d 1965

In the fight of sustainability the prime concept to apply goes in disguising your physical appearance. As the mission strikes high profile engagement, choose fictional characters to be a part of your battlefield. Choose alternate clothing and wearables for the character of your choice. Opt for characters as you rise in mission performance.
Earn bonus coins and make purchase of a new character. Now look different, act smarter and register a ballistic win.

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To counter the battlefield, a soldier needs to have the best armors at its side. Through various missions, the weapons unlock to intensify your battling potential. The divisions of the weapons are subjected to your performance, endurance, potency and combat spirit gained through different levels.You can make purchase of weapons from the 1965 War-store. The 1965-WAR store equips artilleries that can be pulled in to register victory, thereby making history- Authenticate your existence.

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In this game you will be going through extreme conditions where you have to be backed-up with air support. With limited resources, air strike can be blessing in disguise. The air force will back your army by taking over your opponents. Air support will only be available to pick as you unleash levels with superlative performance.


1965 war 3D game


online 3D war game

Logflip brings together a team of highly creative and enthusiastic game developers with a shared goal of recreating the history. Within a short duration, the team has made a game on the 1965 war between India and Pakistan. This is the first time a game has been made on this epic war, which is also known as second Kashmir war.
The team has bought the game to life by creating exciting, unique and believable characters. They did their best to deliver the friendliest, most engaging and fun experience to the players.

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